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Since Roman times

Column of Rosso Nuvolato Marble by Rosso Rubino Marble

Its history, intertwined with centuries of legend and artistic virtuosity, is a tale of timeless elegance and crystalline perfection.

Dating back to classical antiquity, this marble was shaped by the hands of celestial sculptors, transforming rough blocks into unparalleled works of art. Its ruddy hue, with its harmonious blend of reds and whites, dances on the surface like an ode to natural beauty.

Its extraction, a ritual handed down from generation to generation, is an art that requires age-old wisdom and a tireless passion for excellence. Each block of this marble is a unique treasure, guardian of natural imperfections that add depth and character to its majesty.

The craftsmanship of red Carrara marble underlines its unparalleled versatility. From imposing columns to finely carved details, this stone adapts with grace and artistry to any architectural context or design project. Its resilience and durability remain an unsurpassed pillar, testimony to its ancient origins and its ability to resist the passage of time.

But it is not only its visual beauty that distinguishes the red Carrara marble. Its silky texture to the touch is a tactile symphony that invites contact, creating an unparalleled sensory experience.

In the photo the reception in Ruby Red Marble of One Canada Square in London.

Entrance of a Palace decorated with Rosso Nuvolato Marble by Rosso Rubino Marble


Up to the present time

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